6th juried miniature exhibition

Natasa Cvejic from Belgrade, Katarina Mandic from Pancevo, Jovanka Ciric from Bela Palanka and Snezana Jovanovic from Veliko Gradiste were this years winners of the award for the most beautiful miniatures made in traditional techniques. The awards were presented at a ceremony within the VI juried exhibition „100 Women - 100 Miniatures”, held in the National Assembly of Serbia.

The miniatures they produced in the techniques of embroidery, weaving and felting were rated as best in the competition of 164 works submitted by 77 women from 23 cities and municipalities. A special award for the best authors under the age of 30 went to the hands of 22 kids from the village of Citluk near Krusevac who by participating wanted to draw the attention to their kindergarten that needs help for reconstruction.

“One of the key aspects of Government and Parliament policy is to create an environment for employment and the promotion of the skills that women have to offer as managers and entrepreneurs. We will encourage institutions to use traditional handicrafts as protocol gifts because it is our pride, and as a legislative institution, parliament will work to develop regulations to develop regulations to provide incentives for women in this area”, said the Deputy speaker of the Parliament, Vladimir Marinkovic.

Australian Ambassador to Serbia Ruth Stewart emphasized that womens work is not only important from the point of view of creativity but also the importance they give to the development of society. She said that economic empowerment is a priority and that traditional handicrafts are of great value to the local economy.

CEO of CRH Serbia, Roman Menz stressed out that the company he runs supports the preservation of cultural heritage, the development of education and infrastructure, and especially women in entrepreneurship, which is why they gladly support events that celebrate Serbia culture.

Ethno Network President Violeta Jovanovic said the number of participants in the „100 Women - 100 Miniatures” exhibition is increasing year by year, and that she is particularly pleased that 28 under 30 years of age have been reported this year, which is good news, since a lot of effort is invested to make more visible the initiatives that add to the preservation of cultural heritage.

”State support is needed and we call on the Ministries of Culture and Education to allocate more resources to youth engagement in this area at the time of the budget adoption. We also invite cities and municipalities to organize juried exhibitions at the local level and rediscover and promote the beauty and culture of their area. We also urge companies to think of women when buying gifts for business partners. Its a good time to buy responsibly and provide an opportunity to generate revenue” said Jovanovic.

The 6th juried exhibition „100 Women - 100 Miniatures” was organized by Ethno Network, NALED and the National Assembly of Serbia with the support of the City of Belgrade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and socially responsible companies CRH, Telekom Srbija, SAP and Eurobank.