Ethno Network is an umbrella association of artisans from all over Serbia organized in craft associations and cooperatives engaged in the production of handicrafts using traditional techniques.

Ethno Network aims to preserve traditional heritage through training and economic empowerment of women and young people for the market production of handicrafts.

It was established in May 2005 with the support of USAID and has grown into a leading membership organization providing training, assistance and setting standards in the production of handicrafts for its members. Ethno Network advocates for the economic and social affirmation of the handicraft producers and implements measures by which traditional heritage is used as an important element of local development and employment.

Ethno Network has managed to save Stapar rugs from oblivion by revitalizing its production and entering it in the National List of Intangible Heritage, along with four traditional techniques: gold-thread embroidery, weaving, felting and filet-lace making.

Handicrafts branded by Ethno Network are used by Protocol of the Government and state institutions as business and diplomatic gifts. By purchasing Ethno Network products, we preserve the tradition of Serbia and create a source of income for women and young people from rural areas who produce traditional handicrafts.