Opening of the Vojvodina Salon

Ethno salon in the government building in Novi Sad was designed following the model of the Serbian salon in the Government building in Nemanjina in Belgrade. Vojvodina Salon was opened in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and the President of the Coordination Body for Gender Equality, Zorana Mihajlovic, Provincial Prime Minister Igor Mirovic and Ethno Network President, Violeta Jovanovic.

Mihajlovic said that she was pleased that the Provincial Government joined the 1000 Women Initaitive”.  “In this way, we not only safeguard our values ​​and cultural heritage, which we proudly show to the world, but help women to get jobs and become economically empowered, which is why I urge all institutions to join the action,” she said.

The Prime Minister of Vojvodina, Igor Mirovic, expressed his satisfaction to be a part of such a successful initiative that promotes the employment and creativity of women who are safeguarding our country’s cultural heritage. I want to thank the Deputy Prime Minister for her hard work in protecting womens rights. With this joint initiative, we are helping the development of local communities from Sombor to Pirot, and by using handicrafts as business gifts for foreign officials, we pass spiritual messages woven into these remarkable items,” Mirovic said.

Violeta Jovanovic pointed out that both Serbian and Vojvodinian Salons, decorated with kilims and embroidery by women across Serbia, send a clear message about the importance of preserving cultural heritage, multiculturalism, but above all the need to empower rural women economically. I’d like to thank our valued partners for their support. They are true ambassadors of our cultural heritage. We hope that other institutions will join and that these handicrafts will be found in our diplomatic missions and in down town Novi Sad as the European capital of culture,” Jovanovic said.


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