Youth as a key for preserving tradition

Promotion of the handicrafts exhibition of „Ethno Network“ members – „Tradition at your fingertips“, was held in the premises of Shopping mall „Beogradjanka“ on September 15. This vocational organization of women, whose products have become synonymous for the refined combination of traditional techniques and modern design, presented to the visitors, in cooperation with the company “Robne kuce Beograd”, clothing, souvenirs and items for interior decoration – products of women from all over Serbia.

Sofija Arsic, coordinator of “Ethno Network”, reminded of the beginning of this project back in 2005 and the support that came from the USAID, while today there is a whole list of partners with numerous state instituitons and donors. She emphasized that “Ethno Network” contributes to the preservation of traditional crafts, as well as to reviving production and employment of women, especially in less developed areas of Serbia.

- It is also necessary to have cooperation with young people because exactly youth are the key for preserving tradition - said Arsic, and presented the projects of Public Works and Licensed workshops, which “Ethno Network” conducts in cooperation with the National Employment Service (NSZ) and the German organization GIZ.

Vice-president of the Government of Serbia, Verica Kalanovic, expressed her pleasure about attending the exhibition of products that are both modern and traditional, beautiful and useful, and because women had an opportunity to work and be creative during its production.

- While travelling and meeting foreign officials I was very proud to gift them products of “Ethno Network”, even more because I could see they really admire to these unique handicrafts. “Ethno Network” is not just a project anymore, but a movement that contributes to employment of women from all over Serbia, to development of underdeveloped areas, and to preservation of traditional values – said Kalanovic.

She added that cooperation with the NSZ is a rea