Certificate awarded to 155 women

In collaboration with the Ministry of economy and regional development and National employment agency, Ethno Network organized the award ceremony to deliver certificates to 155 women that participated in a comprehensive training program in 23 municipalities throughout Serbia to improve the skills of handicraft production and marketing. The techniques that they could practice included embroidery, gold thread embroidery, weaving, felting and ceramics. The ceremony took place on September 23, 2010 in the premises of National employment agency in Gundulicev venac in Belgrade.

In addition to 155 training participants from all over Serbia, the ceremony was attended by Mr. Mladjan Dinkic, minister of economy and regional development, Mr. Dejan Jovanovic, director of the National employment agency, and Ms. Violeta Jovanovic, chair of Ethno Network Managing Board.

Statistically speaking, the training for a sole proprietor in handicrafts included 26 trainers and 3 mentors that operate within the Ethno Network project-educational center. Out of total participants, weaving courses were completed by 59 participants, embroidery by 54, felting by 19, ceramics by 15 and fillet lace technique by 5 participants. In spite of the stringent criteria by the Ethno Network certification committee, more than a half of training participants completed the training with flying colors, while 1/5 of the participants is under 30 years of age which is a positive signal and a solid basis for preservation of traditional skills, design input by youth and entrepreneurial initiative among enthusiastic producers.

Training participants were addressed by minister Dinkic, who draw attention to gender inequality by saying: “We support the activities of Ethno Network as it assists women in Serbia in transitioning from amateurs into professional producers and create a link between traditional and modern. Women in Serbia are not treated as equals, they have difficulties in finding jobs and get a lower pay”, stated the<