Licensing crafts workshop in Pancevo

Introductory meeting was held in the framework of the project \\\'Licensing workshops for handicrafts\\\' financed by the city of Pancevo and implemented by the local Association Panonke in cooperation with Ethno Network.

The meeting was attended by 18 artisans as members of Panonke who were addressed by a member of the Arts Council of Ethno Network, Sofija Arsic, who presented the objectives and criteria for obtaining a license. Arsic said that licensed workshops for making handicrafts directly contribute to the preservation and revitalization of old and traditional techniques of making handicrafts. Also, the license contributes to the establishment of standards in the production of handicrafts and economic empowerment of women. An important goal is also to increase the number of trained women to produce handicrafts of high quality, as well as to increase qualifications of future trainers and lecturers.

During the life of the project, Ethno Network will organize training the training of trainers in techniques of weaving and felting as well as a beinners course in filet lace making. In addition to educational programs, the project will include preparation of the application for the protection of traditional motifs from the region of Banat.

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