Award „Evrokorak“

At the 7th award ceremony \'People for new time - personality of the year\' which is traditionally organized by Puls radio from Pirot and media company Ani press with the support of local government, awards were delivered to prominent citizens and representatives of institutions and organizations that contribute to a better quality of life and positioning of Pirot in the general public. The citizens of Pirot, who gathered in large numbers at a ceremony in the hall of the Serbian Military Club, applauded the winners who over the past year, according to the opinion of the local community, made the greatest contribution to the development and promotion of their city.

The award \'Evrokorak\' was delievered to Violeta Jovanovic for continuous contribution to the improvement of the economic environment in Pirot, which was confirmed by the regional certification of Pirot as a municipality with favorable business environment, as well as by the active participation of the Mayor of Pirot in the Board of NALED. Recognition is awarded for efforts in the promotion of authentic local brands primarily Pirot rugs in cooperation with the local cooperative for traditional rug-making called \'Ladies heart.\' The awards are called „The cup of Pirot“ and they represent the process of rug-making on a small loom.

Additional awards in this category were received by the Defence Minister Bratislav Gasic, Minister of Economy, Zeljko Sertic, CEO of Tigar Tyres, Gari Scheide, and former State Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Dragan Atanasov.

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