Needlework for beginners

In cooperation with the magazine “Blic Woman” and with the support of Mixer house in Belgrade, Ethno Network held a one-day orientation class to present the basics of needlework and embroidery.

Over the past few weeks, “Blic Woman” has continuously featured a small school of handicrafts work and the activities of Ethno Network . Through interesting articles on modern and traditional garments produced by Ethno Network, coupled by life stories of our members and the announcements of small school of handicrafts, we managed to attract a large number of women from all over Serbia for orientation workshops in traditional techniques of embroidery, felting and filet-lace making. It is interesting to point out that after the publication of the call for applications, only within 24 hours a large number of women applied and all seats in the workshops were filled .

The first workshop on embroidery involved more than 80 women from the municipalities in Belgrade, Smederevo, Mladenovac, Sabac, Zrenjanin and other places across Serbia. Welcome to all the participants was extended by Ruzica Mevorah, editor in chief of “Blic Woman”, while the coordinator of Ethno Network Sofija Arsic presented the work of Ethno Network, and the designer Dusanka Botunjac presented the interesting details of this technique and the frequently used motives.

The workshop was successfully completed and ended by declaring the most successful participants. Many participants expressed interest in attending the courses by Ethno Network in order to master the technique of embroidery in full.

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