1st Serbian Women’s Business Forum “Making a difference\

The Serbian Women’s Business Forum “Making a difference” organized by TGI Group was held on November 26, in Belgrade hotel “Metropol” with the idea to promote the role of women in the country, in all aspects of society . The forum is designed to provide high level discussions on achieving gender equality in government, business and culture, and the speakers included prominent representatives of political, economic, cultural and media scene in Serbia, the leaders in their areas of expertise.

The Forum initiated dialogue on women leadership and debate on the relationship between leadership and organizational behavior, and raised the issue of the climb on the political ladder, presenting the barriers women face in order to be elected or appointed as political officials, along with the inevitable question of equality in the labor market .

At this meeting , Violeta Jovanovic spoke about the importance of women in Serbian economy, politics and institutions in Serbia and NALED’s effort in that regard to change the labor law in Serbia. The message was that all participants of the Forum represent the intellectual elite of the country and as such have both the privilege and responsibility to utilize their knowledge and skills for the sake of community development by creating opportunities for other that are less capable. Speaking of Ethno Network, Jovanovic urged attendees to get engaged in similar CSR activities and thus provide support to creative and hard-working rural women engaged in handicrafts by helping them achieve equal status in the labor market and generate income from the skills and knowledge in handicrafts they already possess.