Traditional handiworks in the heart of Belgrade

Belgrade, April 2, 2012 – Educational center of Ethno Network has opened in Belgrade, a showroom of products in which local and foreign tourists, and all admirers of tradition will be able to enjoy authentic Serbian handicrafts. In cooperation with experts from the Faculty of Applied Arts, and with the support of the Delegation of EU to the Republic of Serbia, in downtown Belgrade, Brankova Street No. 10, an atmosphere was created that will evoke the true story of ethnic and traditional values to the visitors.

In this space education and courses will be organized in the techniques of traditional crafts – weaving, knitting, wool felting, net darning, embroidery and gold embroidery, techniques that Ethno Network fosters and preserves from oblivion. Anyone interested can sign up for these courses by phone or directly in the Ethno Gallery, a first group has already been formed and education begins soon.

Fans of tradition will be able to see handicrafts made by women from all over Serbia – Serbian traditional towel, shirt, products made of felted wool, woven wine bags and passport bags, laptop bags, sashes, bookmarks, pottery pencil holders, and many other. These items of clothing, souvenirs and decorative objects are inspired by the authentic Serbian motives.

In the Ethno gallery a new spring collection of Ethno Network is exhibited.

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