“Agile and self-reliant” in Pirot

A workshop called “Agile and self-reliant” was held on Friday in the City Assembly of Pirot. It was realized in the form of group conversations, the goal of which is personal development and improvement, which should encourage economic empowerment and socio-economic affirmation of women.

The workshop was attended by 22 women from Pirot, Nis, Bela Palanka and Cuprija. Among them were the representatives of public administration, social protection, civil society, but also women from craft associations who are looking for work and support. At the beginning, the participants were addressed by Milena Dimitrijević, President of the City Assembly of Pirot, and Violeta Jovanović, President of e Ethno Network, who emphasized the importance of representing the rights and needs of women because it enables a better and more fulfilled life.

In exchange with the professional lecturers, Vera Despotović, family psychotherapist and mediation specialist, and Jovan Ratković, pedagogue and psychological counselor, the participants went through several topics. They talked about the crisis due to COVID-19 epidemic and how it affected our lives, but also about the traditional expectations that influence a woman to accept certain roles that have been imposed on her. Participants were particularly active in discussing various pressures such as economic exploitation, devaluation and imposing a role to always be at the service of all.

All participants who accompanied the program received a certificate of completed training, as well as the opportunity to participate in weaving training for two months, after which there will be a loom as a gift, as an incentive for further work.

This workshop was realized by Ethno Network and the City of Pirot, in cooperation with NALED, and with the support of the embassies of Canada and the USA.

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