Round table with the Ministry of Agriculture

As a part of the project Tradition in service of local development”, round table was organized with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water management, with an aim to establish a map of local authentic products and to develop dialogue on measures and programs to support rural development and women’s empowerment in rural areas. For this occasion, Ethno Network pointed out the following priorities to be supported in the calls for applications publicized by the ministry:

  • co-financing the operating expenses of the associations
  • support for participation in professional associations
  • equipment purchase
  • procurement of raw materials
  • arrangement of work space
  • training for association members
  • unemployment and youth association workshops and courses
  • packaging and certificates
  • product and packaging design
  • promotion and marketing
  • local events
  • denomination of origin
  • public works
  • craft colonies (weaving, embroidery, lace-making)
  • engagement of a guardian of tradition
  • establishment of crafts galleries.