Weavers’ colony in Stapar

4th weavers’ colony in Stapar was held under the auspices of the Provincial Government, the city of Sombor, Ethno Network and NALED, from September 24 to 27 at the Cultural center in Stapar. The colony was organized to preserve the cultural heritage of Vojvodina and revitalize authentic local brands such as Sombor cheese, sausage from Lemes and other products with indication of origin. Weavers’ colonies in Stapar and Stara Planina are traditional manifestations launched in cooperation between the cities of Sombor and Pirot and with the support of the embassies of Australia and the US, with the aim of preserving cultural heritage, traditional techniques and supporting the employment of women who are making handicrafts. Weavers’ colonies offer unique opportunities for skill development, training, knowledge sharing and affirmation for all artisans and craft associations dedicated to weaving. In addition, the colonies seek to animate the local community, republic institutions, the media and international partners to actively engage in the promotion and preservation of traditional kilim weaving. 4th colony was visited by the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and the Chairman of the Coordination Body for Gender Equality Zorana Mihajlovic, Provincial Prime Minister Igor Mirovic, President of the Assembly of Vojvodina, Istvan Pasztor, Mayor of Sombor, Dusanka Golubovic, Ambassadors of Hungary, India and Egypt, senior officials of Croatian and US embassies, national and local officials, media and diplomats. The colony brought together women from 14 cities, skilled weavers from craft cooperatives and associations throughout Serbia, who had the opportunity to improve their skills in the colony and gain new knowledge for their further work. At this year’s colony, they made motifs from Stapar kilims that re recognizable by the garlands of roses and other flowers.

Part of the initiative to preserve kilim weaving is to work with children and youth, which is why art contest for students was organized to paint motifs from Stapar kilims. The Deputy Prime Minister and the Provincial Prime Minister presented awards to school children whose works were rated as best.