Closing workshop supported by the Ministry of tourism

Final workshop and certificate award ceremony were held within the project, titled “Improving the Digital Competences of Women in Rural Areas” implemented with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications (MTT). A key theme of the final event was the promotion of best practices and concrete models of support for craft associations and artisans engaged in preservation of cultural heritage. The participants in the final event were The Minister of Tourism, Tatjana Matic, director of the tourist organization of the Municipality of Indjija, Milan Bogojevic and the director of the UN women's agency, Milana Rikanovic.

Within the project, workshops for using Excel were organized, sales via online platforms and promotion through social networks. Beneficiaries were trained by professional and inspirational lecturers such as Rambo Amadeus, Philomena O’Brien and David Van Dekamp, who also provided mentoring support for better presentation, placement and visibility in target audiences. The workshops included more than 30 participants from 13 towns and municipalities and their craft associations: Novi Pazar, Sombor, Odzaci, Кikinda, Sokobanja, Belgrade, Pancevo, Indjija, Loznica, Kucevo, Sremska Mitrovica, Cacak and Bela Palanka, who were awarded certificates for acquired skills. As a part of the project, the website 1000 women was translated into English to improve the presentation of work and the availability of information about Ethno network activities in the international community.

In the best practices section, MTT leads with the subsidy for the preservation and development of old crafts, which is rated by artisans as the most effective measure of republic institutions in this area. The Municipality of Indjija stands out by organizing a colony of gold-thread embroidery in Celtic Village, and as well as MTT provides support through the placement of handicrafts as business and diplomatic gifts. These and other measures are supported by the UN Women agency, which aims to promote good practices and acceptance by many local communities.