Preservation of colorful Vlach embroidery in Eastern Serbia

The final exhibition of the colorful Vlach embroidery on black plush was held in the gallery of the Library in the cultural center in Kladovo, eastern Serbia.

Ethno Network designer Dusanka Botunjac, an applied artist and painter from Negotin, in collaboration with the crafts association “Creative mission” association from Kladovo, worked on documenting the motives and elements for the protection of the technique of the rich embroidery of floral motifs. The embroidery is nurtured by the Vlach community in eastern Serbia, as it was used to decorate the festive women's costumes of the Vlach community. During the project, the state of the element was documented, interviews were conducted with active embroiders that were registered in the Registry of Ethno Network, followed by video interviews and a map of representative pieces that are made with this technique. The proposal is that as one of the effects of the project, this element gets nominated for the intangible heritage list so that systematic work on the technique and its long-term preservation is continued with the support of the republic ministry of culture.


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