Felting Course in Senta

Within the project entitled “Preservation of non-material cultural values” implemented by Ethno Network, with the support of Republic Ministry of Culture, the first course in felting was held in Senta from January 23 to 26, 2009, in collaboration with the local association “Rozeta”. The overall goal of the project is to revitalize the knowledge of old and forgotten techniques, primarily felting, gold thread embroidery and fillet lace. The interest among potential course takers is growing and the raw materials are readily available at low prices. Another most positive element of the project is the ecological aspect as the project implies only the use of natural fibers in production. Felting course held in Senta was attended by 11 members of Ethno Network who participated in a four-day course and practice classes in order to gain the skill of felting, which is the oldest technique known to humankind, and make their firs felt products, caps, rugs, bags, etc. Moreover, this training provided ample opportunity for the participants to exchange experiences and build partnerships, thus making a long-term basis for cooperation within Ethno Network. Our members are hopeful that following practices of countries in the region, primarily Hungary that is systematically devoted to preserving its tradition, national and local institutions in Serbia shall also recognize the need to be more genuinely dedicated to the initiatives targeting preservation and promotion of Serbian cultural heritage.

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