Annual Assembly of the Association

On April 2, 2011, Annual assembly of the Association was held In Ethno Network`s premises.

Assembly was attended by board members and representatives of the association members of Ethno network. Agenda of the meeting included the work of Ethno Network in 2010 and financial report of the association through the seven projects implemented with the support of donors and institutions. The groups interested to become members of the Association were also presented at the meeting.

Important issue for the assembly was the action plan and project implementation in the current year The proposal to the groups was further development of their capacity in terms of production and labor.

Members were shown an example of good packaging which would add to the value and quality of Serbian traditional handicrafts.

Assembly members are informed about the upcoming sales of Ethno Network products at the airport “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade.

Members offered constructive criticism and suggestions for successful work in future, and presented their successes in the media and public appearances. They also expressed their willingness for good and effective communication and collaboration among all members of the Ethno Network.

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