Ethno Network at IWC Charity Bazaar 2010

On Saturday, December 4, 2010, Ethno Network participated at the Christmas Charity Bazaar at the Belgrade Fairgrounds, organized for the tenth time by the International Women\'s Club of Belgrade (IWC). Thanks to its cooperation with IWC, Ethno Network was invited to take active participation at the Bazaar that includes stands with authentic products from foreign countries coupled with presentation of international cuisine, hence the role of Ethno Network was to present Serbia and its authenticity through its products.

The ladies Ambassadors, the wives of the Ambassadors and the wives of foreign company CEOs in Belgrade were selling souvenirs and other items, by which their countries are recognizable, at their country stands, for charity purposes. All incomes from the Bazaar are intended for humanitarian organizations in Serbia helping displaced persons, victims of violence, persons with disabilities, the elderly and the institutions for education and integration of minority groups.

The Christmas Charity Bazaar is an international fair event, where the visitors may buy items and taste food from around the world. As explained by the members of the IWC, it is a happy event for the whole family - shopping, having a good time, cultural performances. A special pleasure is that it is also an opportunity to support some humanitarian projects in Serbia by shopping the world. Last year it raised over 100,000 Euros and this year, due to the event expansion, even better results are expected. This year, 34 diplomatic missions and countries (Greece, Slovenia, Montenegro, Sri Lanka, SAD, Israel, France, Austria, UNDP, etc.) had stalls selling goods from their countries including food from different countries and well known hotels. Raffle prizes included anything from one of the stalls to free tickets for a trip to Rome.

Ethno Network used this outstanding opportunity to present its traditional handicrafts that were well noted by many visitors who were interested in buying these beautiful i