Business forum “Trust in women”

On the second Serbian women business forum Trust in women, organized by TGI Group Tsomokos, the key theme was the business environment as a challenge for women to achieve better positions and to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in business.

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Kori Udovicki said at the opening of the forum that it’s high time in Serbia for women to assert faster in leadership positions, noting that this is possible and fair, because they make up 51 percent of the total population. Serbian society need a female touch, she said, wondering why women, who make up half the population would not have the power and influence over key issues for our society.

The panel entitled No job-no future – the great challenge for youth employment included Violeta Jovanović as a speaker who pointed to NALED’s activities to create a favorable environment for business and employment of vulnerable groups – simplification of procedures such as maternity and parental leave, as well as changes to regulations that touch upon this target group such as the law on social entrepreneurship, the law on craftsmanship, the law on cooperatives and others.

In addition, special attention in her address during the panel was devoted to the activities of Ethno Network and a set of measures that can contribute to greater employability of women and youth in rural areas. Some of the measures include public works, launching ethno galleries in Belgrade and regional centers, as well as the continued financial support based on the measurement of results achieved.