Training in filet-lace making

Training in filet-lace making started on November 23 in Pancevo. This training is being implemented as part of the Licensed workshop project which is supported by the city of Pancevo and implemented by the local association Panonke and Ethno Network.

Panonke have proven excellence in the production of handicrafts in the techniques of embroidery, gold embroidery, weaving and knitting and by completing filet-lace making training, members of the association will have mastered all the traditional techniques that are preserved by Ethno Network. filet-lace making is a very specific technique which requires great patience and dedication. Lace made in this technique is extremely refined, soft and airy in structure.

The course is attended by eleven members of the assoaciation Panonke and after the course is completed, advanced training will follow to train the trainers in techniques of weaving and felting.

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