Exhibition at Manak\\

On April 17, 2008, at 4:00 p.m. Ethno Network organized the opening of the exhibition of traditional Serbian handicrafts at Manak’s house in Belgrade. The exhibition was entitled „On roadpath to a good product“. The exhibits on display were prepared within the Ethno Network project aiming to preserve antique craft production techniques, following current market trends. With this exhibition, Ethno Network marked the third anniversary of project inaugaration and thanked USAID for their support to establish Ethno Network, as well as its partners, primarily the Ethnographic museum and government institutions that support specialized training programs in an effort to preserve and promote ancient craft techniques. USAID officials that attended the exhibition, Mr. Michael Harvey (USAID Mission Director) and Ms. Marilynn Schmidt (deputy Mission Director) were briefly introduced to the results accomplised over the past year and were truly astonished with the Ethno Network exhibits and the permanent exhibition of the Manak’s house. Visitors also used this unique opportunity to take a glimpse of beauty and see the collection in Manak’s house, the legacy of Hristifor Crnilovic, obviously a treasure yet to be found.

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