Pećinci Exhibition

Within the traditional manifestation „Dani Brestovacke Banje“ (Days of Brestovac Spa) organized by the municipality of Bor and local tourist organization, members of Ethno Network from the Arhaik group in Bor won the first prize for the most authentic souvenir and antique craft techniques. On this occasion, members of Arhaik exhibited hand-woven items and pottery that were produced as a result of a Public works project financed by the Ministry of Economy and National Employment Agency. Role of a professional designer prove to be of great importance for the selection of motifs and quality improvements that materialized in the well-deserved recognition and encouragement for producers whose effort is acknowledged and appreciated. Members of Arhaik are implementing the final phase of the public works project by making preparations to establish a specialized crafts cooperative and finalizing exhibits for the closing exposition to be organized on the occasion of the certificate award ceremony for training participants. Enthusiastic and dedicated members of Arhaik, remain convinced that excellent results of their hard work will after many attempts, result in getting the attention and support of the local government in Bor.

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