Open hand certificate for Ethno Network

Belgrade, June 20 – Ministry of Economy and Regional Development issued a Certificate to Ethno Network, saying that hand knitted, woven, embroidered and fillet-lace products with an aesthetic feature expressed by folk art, can be considered as homecrafts or products of the old crafts. In addition to declarations and designations of Ethno Network, handicrafts made by women from all over Serbia will have a special designation in the future – “homecraft product” or “product of the old craft”, as well as stylized mark “open hand”.

This certificate confirms the high standards of producing handicrafts, which Ethno Network is taking care of since its beginning, and representatives of the ministry claim that the “products are made in the manner, under the terms and out of the material that preserves and reflects the expression of traditional creativity”.

Issued certificate is valid for ten years and it can be used in order to exercise the rights related to preservation and development of traditional handicrafts and old crafts.

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