„Promotion on social networks“

Within the project „Digitization of tradition“ implemented by Ethno Network in cooperation with NALED with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, a workshop on „Promotion on social networks“ was held in NALED Lab. The introductory speech was given by Tatjana Matić, State Secretary emphasizing the importance of maintaining tradition and high quality handicrafts of the Ethno Network, as well as long-term cooperation with the Ethno Network in engaging women in making Stapar and Pirot kilims. Diana Gligorijević, co-owner and member of the Board of TeleGroup system, with decades of experience in marketing, gave a motivational speech as an incentive for members of Ethno Network to engage in the promotion of their products, which represent the best of Serbia. The workshop was led by representatives of the Nura agency and NALED, who advised the members of Ethno Network on how to best promote their products on social networks. NALED’s „Art of Serbia“ campaign was presented as a successful example of a digital campaign. Handicraft producers from all over Serbia, who participated in the workshop, working in groups, applied the newly acquired knowledge and created their campaigns on social networks. The final word of the experts was given by Zvonko Obradović, consultant on the Regional Portal of Business Registers BIFIDEX and Borislav Miljanović, CEO of Represent system. Along with the presentation of the campaign „Unforgettable Flavors of Serbia“, in which some members of Ethno Network also participated, the message they conveyed to the participants is not to give up on lifelong learning because a well-designed and persistent approach is the key to success.


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