Diplomats visiting the colony

A representative display of the most beautiful antique kilims from Stapar was prepared to welcome the ambassadors of Australia and Norway, diplomats from the Embassies of the United States, Israel, United Kingdom and the United Nations, who visited the third weavers’ colony held from September 14 to 17 and visited by numerous local officials from provincial and republic institutions. After visiting the colony, the diplomats had a sightseeing tour of Sombor and got acquainted with the cultural and historical background of our greenest city. In the grand city hall called Zupanija”, they heard the story about the famous painting of the Battle of Senta, visited the Milan Konjovic Gallery and Grasalkovic Palace. During a boat ride through the so-called European Amazon amidst the protected biosphere reserve of Backo Podunavlje, they discussed the promotion of local brands such as hand-woven damask, Sombor’s cheese and sausage from Lemes that they want to make available to buyers in Belgrade.

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