Seminar with an Canadian artist of Serbian origin

Ethno Network, supported by the Embassy of Australia and in collaboration with the artist of Serbian origin Gordana Brelih, who has lived in Canada for almost three decades, held a creative workshop for jewelry design and souvenirs inspired by traditional motifs. Using natural materials, Gordana Brelih creates original exhibits that she adorns with her hand, using the traditional methods that she learned from her mother. She won prestigious awards in her home country and abroad, as the author of numerous exhibitions. With members of Ethno Network from all over the Serbia, the renowned artist shared her inspiration and the techniques that are applied in her work. Members of Ethno Network would apply new skills in the production of pieces in the techniques of embroidery and gold-thread embroidery. The aim of the workshop was to improve the design and placement of handicrafts as business gifts and souvenirs, so in that way work engagement and source of income is provided for women and young people in rural areas.


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