Reception to honor the outgoing Australian Ambassador

In cooperation with the City of Belgrade, supported by the cities of Sombor, Pirot, Sremska Mitrovica, Loznica, Novi Pazar and NALED, Ethno Network organized a reception to thank Australia’s Ambassador Julia Finney for her contribution in preserving cultural heritage and economic empowering of women. During her time in Serbia, Australia’s Ambassador Julia Finney has been one of the biggest promoters of Serbia’s cultural heritage, the preservation of traditional craft techniques and the economic empowerment of women in rural areas. Together with Ethno Network and NALED, she organized more than 40 events, conferences, workshops, waving colonies and exhibitions. For this occasion, Ethno Network awarded the Ambassador with the Ribbon for preservation of Serbia’s cultural heritage and the promotion of tradition in the service of local development and employment of women and youth. The embroidered ribbon represents the motif on the altar window of the Church of the Virgin in Studenica under the protection of UNESCO.

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