Meeting in Vlasotince

On Friday, August 20, consultations with women in the field of traditional handicrafts were held in Vlasotince. The meeting was attended by Iva Radić, coordinator of the Ethno Network, representatives of NALED and members of the association "Jasmina's lighthouse", led by Jasmina Mitrović. The meeting was held as part of a project implemented by NALED, within the Serbia-Northern Macedonia Cross-Border Cooperation Program.

The gathered women from the city and rural areas were introduced to the work of the Ethno Network, activities that are carried out, but also handicrafts made by members of our associations. On this occasion, the recently founded association "Jasmina's lighthouse" presented its handicrafts, among which a special place is occupied by hand-painted pottery. To the mutual satisfaction, the possibility for further cooperation between the Ethno Network and associations in the area of Vlasotince was expressed.

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