Visit to Inđija

On Friday, April 9, the wives of the ambassadors of the United States and Canada visited the municipality of Indjija and the Association "Etno dom Gorocvet", a member of the Ethno Network.

Anne Godfrey, the wife of the American ambassador, and Valerie Norman, the wife of the Canadian ambassador, talked with the members of "Gorocvet" in the high school "Dr Djordje Natosevic", with whom they have nurtured cooperation in creative workshops for students and transfer of embroidery skills and preservation of tradition. The school also organized an exhibition of alphabets, miniatures, towels and selected handicrafts by members of "Gorocvet". The cooperation between the association and this school continues in the production of costumes for the Celtic settlement that is being built in Indjija. The students sew the costumes while the members of "Gorocvet" will make the embroidery and decoration.

Anne Godfrey, of Irish descent, shared her experience in embroidery and sewing and showed a dress with Celtic motifs that she sewed by herself when she was 16 years old.

The ambassador's wives, accompanied by Violeta Jovanović, president of the Ethno Network, Vladimir Gak, mayor of Indjija and Milan Bogojević, director of TO Indjija, visited the Celtic village under construction, the monument to Milunka Savić, an exhibition of photographs about the Great War, and a memorial to the Battle of Slankamen.

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