Exhibition in Pancevo

On Wednesday, March 31, in the National Museum of Pancevo, the exhibition of felt handicrafts, which was organized by the association "Panonke", was officially opened. The authors of the handicrats are participants in the training in feltin, held in November 2020 within the project "Socio-economic affirmation of women in a pandemic", funded by the embassies of Canada and the United States, and conducted by the Ethno Network.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by Brian Ebel, Deputy Ambassador of Canada, Anne Godfrey, wife of the American Ambassador, mayor of Pancevo Aleksandar Stevanovic, director of the Museum Miroslav Birclin, and Violeta Jovanovic, president of the Ethno Network.

All visitors will be able to see felt balls, round and square matts, small and large folding bags. On all these handicrafts, there are motifs of the Banat pattern, which is characteristic of this area, as well as other motifs from our tradition.

The training was attended by 11 women, who have now become members of the association "Panonke". Certificates of successful completion of the training can also be seen in the National Museum.

The exhibition is open to visitors from April 1 to 8.

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