Protection of Heritage and Geographic Origin in Sombor

The workshop, titled "Protection of Heritage and Geographic Origin" was held on Wednesday at The City Hall of Sombor. It was implemented within the 6th Weavers’ colony in Stapar.

The workshop was attended by 24 participants from Sombor, Novi Pazar, Sabac, Loznica, Inđija, Pancevo and Belgrade. The professional lecturers were Vesna Duskovic, retired museum adviser, Sasa Sreckovic, adviser to the Ethnographic Museum, as well as Dragana Tar and Aleksandra Markovic from SEEDEV, experts in the area of geographical tag. Speaking to them, representatives of women's associations and NGOs went through several important topics.

Participants were very interested in the area of geographic tag, i.e. the ways in which it occurs. They discussed the status of manufacturing organisations and craftsmen who produce products that are on the national list for cultural heritage, their status and what support they need in order to survive and be successful. They received advice on how to protect their handicrafts, which is especially important for craft associations.

On another topic, there has been talk of changes that have occurred since the staparski sully was included on the national list of intangible cultural heritage, the current state and possibilities of development. Through practical examples, participants learned about the support measures needed to sign up to the list.

The workshop was realized by Ethno Network and the City of Sombor, in cooperation with NALED, the Ministry of Culture and the Ethnographic Museum, with the support of the embassies of Canada and the USA.

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