Education in east Serbia

The training that has started on 17. October2011. within the project “Jobs in rural regions\\\', and was held in the municipalities of Veliko Gradiste, Golubac, Zajecar, Kladovo and Negotin, was completed with the receipt and evaluation of works by the associates.

Most of the participants have passed with distinction, precisely 15 out of 35 participants have earned the highest mark, which is yet another proof of the competence of educators who were in charge of training. Associations and cooperatives that participated had a right to choose the technique that you would like to learn or improve and bring it to the next level. Training was conducted by leading experts in the country, in the techniques of weaving, embroidery, gold embroidery, wool felting.

After completing the training, the final works were sent to the Commission whom estimated that the participants deserve praise for their effort and quality of works. Participants said that they are satisfied with the obtained knowledge, and said that it will help them improve their current range of handicrafts and increase sales. The thing that they found most valuable was the chance to work with our best educators, and to learn from them even the designing methods and the latest trends in the handicraft industry.

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