Tradition at your fingertips

Starting from Tuesday, August 23, promotional exhibition of handicrafts of “Ethno Network” members will be appointed in the premises of Shopping mall “Beogradjanka” (ground floor). This vocational organization of women, whose products have become synonymous for the refined combination of traditional techniques and modern design, will present to visitors, in cooperation with “RK Beograd”, clothing, souvenirs and items for interior decoration – products of women from all over Serbia. All the items that will be exhibited are unique hand-made works, equipped with appropriate packaging and certificates, and visitors will be able to purchase the products that are most attractive to them.

Considering the ongoing problem with the lack of space for exhibitions in the capital of Serbia, company “RK Beograd” supported members of the “Ethno network”, thinking that this promotional exhibition is an event important for promoting traditional values and authentic motifs and handicrafts.

- After almost 20 years, citizens of Belgrade have opportunity again to find products which brought into life the old, forgotten techniques, shaped with the help of designers and turned into the items with real using value in everyday life. Speaking about material, it is mostly wool, that is domestic product, and handicrafts are also a contribution to the revival of old, traditional crafts and the opportunity for our fellow citizens to beautify their homes with traditional motifs – says Sofija Arsic, experts’ coordinator of the “Ethno Network”.

The exhibition will be open until March 31st, 2012.

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