Rural Festival

Manifestation called Rural potential of Serbia was organized by the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management at the central square Trg republike on June 29, 2009. In addition to other exhibitors from all over Serbia, handicrafts and souvenirs were presented by the members of the crafts cooperative „Jefimija“ from Veliko Gradiste and Kucevo. The manifestation provided the opportunity to present all regions in Serbia and offer a colorful view of rural potential, including traditional, cultural and artistic values complemented with tourism potential and presentation of national cuisine. The richness of our tradition and skillfullness of handicrafts producers presented through Veliko Gradiste producers caught the attention and had a prominent place among 50 exhibitors from all over Serbia. The exhibits included products with denomination of origin, traditional handicrafts, rural tourism, etc. Members of Ethno Network used the manifestation as the opportunity to present foreign delegations and the urban population in Belgrade with the beauty of tradition rooted in Eastern Serbia.

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