Workshop for children and youth

During the second weavers\' colony in Stapar, participants were given lectures by renowned trainers in order to acquire additional knowledge and skills required for weaving traditional rugs. Textile engineer Stojko Tomic gave a presentation on the origin, motifs and materials used in traditional rug making in Stapar.

Program of the colony also included a workshop for high school students in Sombor that specialize in shoes and clothing design. The students used small weaving frames to test their weaving skills, and then visited the primary school Branko Radicevic and a so-called Stapar room arranged with antique furniture, where the local ethnologist Rastko Stokanov gave them a tour of the history, symbolism and significance of Stapar rugs.

Children from primary school in Stapar were also involved in practical workshops offered by the colony that build awareness of young generations about the importance of the Stapar rug making.

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