Third public works meeting

NALED hosted the third meeting with participants of public works project funded by the National Employment Agency and implemented by Ethno Network in collaboration with NALED.

Participants of Public Works came up with new items in addition to the regular products used by the Protocol of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The design of new items was provided by a longtime collaborator and designer of Ethno Network, Ms. Dusanka Botunjac. The newly designed items – cyrillic and glagolitic alphabet in gold embroidery and felted balls with a motif of a sleeveless jacket, thrilled all who participated in today\'s meeting. In addition to women from ten municipalities that are involved in this project, representatives of the Ethno Network and NALED on today\'s meeting was also attended by our famous artists Biljana Cincarevic and Jelena Blecic who were impressed by the work and handicrafts of Ethno Network. Biljana and Jelena had a number of proposals which should contribute to the expansion of cooperation between Ethno network and the prominent artists.

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