Round table on the role of women in economy and society

In cooperation with the Embassy of Israel and supported by the Ethno Network and NALED, the city of Sombor organized round table “The role of women in economy and society”. Main topics of this round table were how to encourage women entrepreneurship as well as how to hire and empower women in the managerial positions. Experiences from Israel were shared by Rina Bar-Tal, emeritus President of the Israeli Women’s Network. Other views on the challenges in this area were also presented by the Mayor of Sombor, Dusanka Golubovic, Israel’s Ambassador Alona Fisher Kamm, Provincial Secretary for Gender Equality Predrag Vuletic, Advisor of Deputy Prime Minister for Gender Equality, Branka Draskovic, Director of Gorenje and NALED’s Managing Board member, Stanka Pejanovic, Director of the Provincial Institute for Gender Equality, Diana Milovic, Ana Ilic Panjkovic who presented Rustikanna Art Workshop and a member of the Sombor’s City Council for Culture, Nemanja Sarac

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