Felting for blind and visually impaired persons in Uzice

Members of the Inter-municipal Organization for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Uzice (MOSS) successfully completed the first phase of training under the “Manual wool rolling” project, funded by the French Embassy in the Republic of Serbia and implemented by Ethno Network.

The skill of making decorative and usable objects by traditional technique of felting was mastered by 6 women under the expert guidance of Ethno Network educator Zlatica Jankulovski.

The second phase of the training, to focus on more complicated items, is planned for the end of October.

The workshop was visited by the cultural attache of the Embassy of France, Bertran Mie, who emphasized that the aim of the project is to strengthen grassrots associations and encourage local initiatives.

Blind and visually impaired people gathered around MOSS Uzice will be given the opportunity to affirm themselves in their community and contribute to their home budget through the production of souvenirs. Making handicrafts serves as work therapy and helps them practice motor skills.

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