Felting in Pancevo

In Pancevo, during November, the training of felting - manual rolling of wool is being conducted. The organizer is the Ethno Network with the support of the embassies of Canada, the USA and Israel, and in cooperation with the National Employment Service, the City of Pancevo and the Association "Panonke", which held the training.

During four weeks, in the premises of the Youth Center Pancevo, the participants learnt the technique of dry and wet felting. They mastered making and decorating felting balls, round and square chair pads, as well as a small and large bag with a flap. On all these handicrafts, there are motifs of the Banat pattern, which is characteristic of this area.

11 women are participating in the training, of which the youngest is 21 years old and is a student. Most of the participants are looking for a job, which motivated them to apply for training, and there is great interest among employed women, who mostly work in education. This is especially good news because the knowledge about the traditional techniques and cultural heritage of our country will be directly passed on to children in kindergartens and primary schools.

Certificates are provided for all participants, which will be awarded at the end of the year at the closing ceremony in the presence of the diplomatic corps.