Agile and self-reliant in Sombor

The workshop, titled "Agile and self-reliant" was held on Tuesday at The Town Hall of Sombor. It was implemented within the 6th Weavers’ colony in Stapar.

The workshop was attended by 23 participants from Sombor, Novi Pazar, Sabac, Pancevo, Inđija, Loznica and Belgrade. They included representatives of public administration, social protection, civil society, as well as women from craft associations seeking for additional support. At the beginning, participants were addressed by Slađana Radin, city councilwoman for gender equality, and Violeta Jovanovic, president of Ethno Network, who emphasized the importance of psychological support for women and the desire to encourage their economic empowerment.

In exchange with professional lecturers, Vera Despotovic, family psychotherapist and mediation specialist, and Jovan Ratkovic, a pedagogue and psychological counselor, participants went through several topics.

They talked about the crisis due to the COVID-19 epidemic and how it affected our lives, but also the traditional expectations that influence a woman to accept certain roles that have been imposed on her. Working in groups, participants also deviated ways how to best connect women at the local level, which was especially important because they went through ideas of negotiation, advocacy and leadership in their communities.  

All participants who followed the programme received a certificate of completed training. This workshop was implemented by the Ethno Network and the City of Sombor, in cooperation with NALED, with the support of the embassies of Canada and the USA.

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