The exhibition ended, craft courses started

Belgrade, May 10 – Selling exhibition of Ethno Network at Robna kuca Beograd (“Beogradjanka”), that was visited by numerous citizens of Belgrade in previous months, as well as by domestic and foreign tourists, ended today. Duration of the exhibition was extended several times, due to great interest of visitors, but admirers of tradition do not have to worry because they will still be able to enjoy authentic ethnic motifs at the recently opened Ethno gallery and educational center of Ethno Network in 10, Brankova street.

Last week, ethno courses of embroidery and felting wool have started in these new premises. At the moment, they take place twice a week and the next class of felting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 15, starting at 10am. Anyone interested in courses may sign up for the class the day before by phone or in person in the Ethno gallery.